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Microscopic Diagnosis of Periodontal Disease

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Learn About Microscopic Diagnosis of Periodontal Disease with Our Falls Church Dentist

Periodontal disease or, gum disease, is a chronic bacterial infection in a person’s mouth causing destruction to the gingiva, periodontal ligament, and alveolar bone. 

Symptoms of periodontal disease:

1-      Bleeding gums

2-      Red, inflamed/swollen gums

3-      Painful gums

4-      Bad breath

5-      Gum recession (may notice as longer appearing teeth)

6-      Foul taste in mouth

7-      Suppuration from gingival sulcus

8-      Tooth mobility/shifting


If left untreated, periodontal disease may continue to spread and grow harming the supporting tissues around your teeth.  As more destruction of these supporting tissues occurs, teeth begin to loosen and shift.  After long periods of undiagnosed and untreated periodontal disease the damage can be so severe that the teeth may need to be removed or even fall out on their own!

At Dental Health Center of Northern Virginia we use state-of-the-art diagnosing of periodontal disease including comprehensive full mouth exams with and microbial swabs examined under high powered phase-contrast microscopy.  Regardless of the dentist you choose, diagnosis of periodontal disease should be included at every patient exam.  At Dental Health Center of Northern Virginia, when indicated, we perform a gentle swab of the bacterial infested plaque living on teeth and examine the swab under a high powered microscope.  This enables us to see the bacterial microflora in your gums.  We can determine not only whether the infectious bacteria exists  in your mouth but also the severity of the infection, your immune response, your risk for acquiring periodontal disease, and, if positive, how advanced your periodontal disease may be. 

Generic one size fits all treatment modalities are no longer adequate.  Based on the results of your screening the Dental Health Center of Northern Virginia provides patient specific services to predictably eliminate periodontal disease and prevent it from ever occurring again.   


Schedule your complimentary microscopic health screening today! A $125 value.



What is Oral Microbiome?

Oral Microbiome is the smorgasbord of billions of bacteria living on your teeth, gums, tongue, and cheeks.  Everybody has bacteria in their mouth.  You are born with some species and you acquire more once you get teeth.  The species of bacteria you are exposed to throughout your life combined with your oral hygiene habits and diet create your oral microbiome.


Are All Bacteria the Same?

Every species of bacteria behaves differently. Some bacteria cause cavities, some cause gum disease, and some are normal healthy cohabitants.  The makeup of oral microbiome explains why some people are cavity prone while others never floss or brush and have no idea what a cavity is.

Can You Tell If I Have Cavity Causing Bacteria?

The Dental Health Center of Northern Virginia invested in cutting edge technology to provide the highest quality of dental health services available.  Bacteriological screenings can detect the volume of cavity causing bacteria that exist in your oral microbiome.  This provides invaluable information to help design specific prevention programs customized just for you.  Have you ever wondered why you keep getting cavities even after brushing twice a day?  “The problem may not be your habits at all!  Patients who have a high volume of cavity causing bacteria have a higher risk factor which requires a different prevention program.  It could be diet, bacterial load, PH imbalance, hygiene, salivary flow, or other factors, but in every case there is a reason why you get cavities that goes well beyond simply brushing and flossing and there are easy steps that can be taken to negate those risks.”

What about Gum Disease?

Dr. Van Slooten has unique training in advanced periodontal disease detection.  The Dental Health Center of Northern Virginia provides instantaneous periodontal disease diagnoses.   “Using advanced phase-contrast microscopy we are capable of identifying the current condition of your gingival health and oral microbiome.  Do you have periodontal disease? Are you at risk for acquiring it?  Is your immune system responding properly?  Do you have the bacteria in your mouth that are linked to heart disease, diabetes, osteoporosis, erectile dysfunction, and pre-term low infant birth weight? All these questions answered immediately with a painless swab where you can view the results while in the office.” 

How Expensive Is Bacteriologic Screening?

“I have made sure that the best technology and services are available at the Dental Health Center of Northern Virginia.  Our Caries Risk Detection, Microscopic Health Screenings, and 3D TMJ/Sleep Apnea imaging are all done at no cost to you.  The problem is that our services and technology are well ahead of what insurance companies are even aware of and therefore are not covered and typically not offered anywhere else.  It is my belief that insurance companies should not prevent you from obtaining the highest quality of care and no patient should ever be charged for being proactive about their health.”


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