Gum Disease

Non-Surgical Gum Treatment

At Dental Health Center of Northern Virginia we pride ourselves on the latest technological abilities to diagnose and treat periodontal disease dependably. We not only use conventional diagnostics but also advanced microscopic diagnosis of periodontal disease enabling us to identify the presence of harmful microorganisms before they cause harmful destruction.

Even though Dr. Brian Van Slooten, Dr. Abdullah Mahgoub, Dr. Santiago Rudea and Dr. Aadil Toor have been trained in surgical treatment of periodontal disease, they have developed an advanced, conservative, non-surgical periodontal therapy that is not only reliable, time tested, and backed by clinical research but also eliminates the need for periodontal surgery. Anybody having undergone periodontal surgery can tell you the cons associated with surgical therapy:

  • Painful, long surgery
  • painful healing time
  • marked tooth sensitivity
  • tooth roots become exposed and visible
  • large spaces between teeth
  • the need to perform second and third surgeries

Our unique non-surgical gum treatment uses a specific series of anti-microbial agents with combined mechanical debridement physically removing the destructive plaque but more importantly killing the harmful bacteria and disinfecting the gum tissue.

The series of anti-microbial agents are:

  • Bacteriocidal (killing bacteria)
  • Bacteriostatic (preventing bacterial growth)
  • Deodorizing (removing bad breath)
  • Healing promoters
  • Desensitizing to tooth surfaces.

They are applied in office during your scheduled cleanings. Although this is a vital component of treating periodontal disease , the long term success is held in your hands.

We educate our patients on essential home-care techniques and monitor their progress at specific intervals to determine safely if the home-care necessary to prevent recurrence of periodontal disease is being adequately performed. We do not wait months-years for our patients to return with clinical symptoms and recurring disease after more harmful destruction has already occurred. We wait the specific amount of time it takes for bacteria to re-colonize the gingival sulcus to perform microscopic analysis in order to see on a microscopic level that your home-care is effective before the infection gets out of hand and causes additional harm.

Feel free to call us with any questions or concerns. We pride ourselves on the education of our patients.

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