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At the Dental Health Center of Northern Virginia we look at how the rest of your body is affected by what is going on in your mouth. The Mouth-Body connection is becoming a greater realization with time. We knew that bacteria in your mouth are linked to an increase risk in heart attacks, strokes, diabetes, pre-term low birthweight babies, and erectile dysfunction. We now know these gram-negative pathogens not only increase your risk of cardiovascular disease but directly cause it. By eliminating these bacteria from your mouth you can decrease the amount of inflammation in your gums and the rest of your body. You cannot eliminate them if you do not know if they even exist. At the Dental Health Center of Northern Virginia we use state of the art phase contrast microscopy to instantly determine if these harmful bacteria exist, determine your risk levels for acquiring them, and verify they have been eliminated after treatment. Sometimes the cure can be as simple as adjusting your homecare routine. There is no charge for this service

Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) is a condition in which you temporarily stop breathing during sleep. OSA has a significant impact on your body and is shown to significantly increase the risk of heart attacks and strokes. Frequent urination at bedtime, daytime fatigue, and snoring are all symptoms of OSA. The only way to diagnose OSA is by doing a sleep study. At the Dental Health Center of Northern Virginia we have the capabilities through our Vatech Green 3-D CBCT to measure nasal and airway blockages consistent with OSA. There is no charge for this service

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