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Dental Health Center of Northern Virginia

5 out of 5 based on 6 user reviews.

By Nikki L.


"By far the best dentist office I have encountered. I no longer have a fear of going to the dentist and we are working on making my smile the best it has ever looked. My kids love going to see Dr. Van Slooten too. Everyone in the office is extremely nice and professional. They are really happy to see you when you get there and take the time to explain everything to you."

By Herbert H.


"Friendly staff. Great doctor. I have been going there for a while now. They accepted my insurance and haven't had any issues when making appointments or waiting on the day of to see the doctor. :). It's a relaxing environment too :)"

By Robert J.


"I saw Dr. Rueda when I was having pain with my molar. He was removed my tooth and added bone. The entire procedure was painless and healed without problems. I’d recommend Dr. Rueda to anyone."

By Mary K.


"Dr. Mahgoub is so kind. He was able to save my broken tooth with this beautiful onlay that you can’t even see the same day I came in. He was gentle and patient with me the whole time. The office is so clean and everyone there is so helpful."

By Alex W.


"I am very impressed with how professional and thorough Dr. Van Slooten has been during my dental visits. He has gone above and beyond to make sure my teeth are healthy. When I chipped my tooth he was even able to get me an appointment at the last minute to help me. I would highly recommend him to anyone in the area looking for a dentist."

By Paul S.


"Dr. Van Slooten is the best! I followed him from the practice he worked at previously and am very pleased with his new office. It is clean, comfortable, and cutting-edge. He has not only helped me prevent cavities and oral pain but also found and corrected problems and potential future issues not noticed by my previous dentist. He is friendly and easy-going as well as significantly more clinically capable than most others in his field. If you need a dentist or are not sure about your current one I would strongly encourage you to schedule a consult or second-opinion. You won't regret it!"

By Harrison E.


"Highly recommend these guys. If you’re looking for a new dentist, check them out! If you need a surgery like removing wisdom teeth, check them out! I’ve been seeing Dr. Brian Slooten for the last couple of years and couldn’t be happier."

By Kyle S.


"When you first walk through the door you are greeted by staff that truly care about keeping your visit fast and enjoyable. The building is clean and in top notch condition. The equipment is like nothing I have ever seen before. When I sat down in my dental recliner (which doubled as a back massage chair) I felt as if I were in a scene from a Star Trek movie. Everything is so new and up to date. The environment is very comforting. In the past I had been told: "You don't floss enough, you need to be doing that more". As a young adult, I need the `why` with the `what`, not just the `what`. So, simply being told to floss more didn't cut it for me. My generation needs cold hard facts. Dental Health Center of Northern Virginia did just that. Instead of simply telling me that I needed to floss more, they took a sample of my plaque, put it under a microscope, projected what they were seeing up to the huge HDTV on the wall above my head, and pointed everything out to me. We even discussed in detail how the white blood cells were working rigorously to fight the bacteria in my mouth. You better believe that I have started religiously flossing now. The point is, that's what it takes to get people in my generation to do something. Every employee is incredibly smart, and everyone knows what they are talking about. I felt so comfortable here. Your teeth are a very under-appreciated part of your body, but Dental Health Center of Norther Virginia has shed light on the importance of my smile's health. I will be coming back from now on. If you value your smile, and want to work with experienced young professional dentists then this is the place for you. I cannot recommend this place enough!"

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